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6 August 2006 - 2:23:12am

If you are family and just want to look at the data, log in using the standard family username and password that you've used elsewhere on If you don't know ‎(or forgot)‎ the standard family username and password, just email or call me and I'll let you know what it is.

For those who want to be able to actually edit or submit new data, you will have to register as a new user. I know it's not very intuitive, but I didn't write the software so it can't be helped. To request a new user account, just click "Login", then click "Request new user account". Then type in your name and some other minor information and submit the form. I'll approve you as a user ASAP!

Welcome to the genealogy website for 'The Peoria Leuchts'
6 August 2006 - 2:17:42am

This genealogy website tracks The Peoria Leucht's all the way back to Zaulsdorf Germany in the 1740's. By various marriages, it also happens to track the Tremont Kruse's and the Springfield Sherer's & Turner's and also some Galvin's in the San Francisco area. By default, all data on all living individuals is hidden from view by the general public. But known family members will be allowed to become registered users of this site and will then be able to view and/or edit any of the data in the database. ‎(All edits must first be approved by the site administrator, which is me, before they will be posted to the site.)‎ If you are family and you just want to view the data, just log in with the standard family username and password that you've used elsewhere on If you don't know the username and password, just email or call me and I'll send it to you!

The genealogy information on this site was compiled by various sources but mostly by my stepmom, Becki Leucht and also by my mom, Gail Kruse. I also received a lot of Galvin info from Dan III. This site is designed to allow myself and any of my relatives to view and/or edit our genealogy data quickly and easily online. One benefit to having this data online is that many different online users who might have data to add or correct, can do so easily themselves without having to give the data to me and have me type it all into my computer. Again, I want to stress that the general public cannot view or edit any data on any living individuals. Only known and trusted family members will be allowed to register and access any of the data on living individuals.

So if you are a relative of The Peoria Leucht's either by blood or by marriage, please register for an account today! Or just log on with the standard family username and password if you only want to view and not edit the data If you're not part of this family tree but have some information or data or corrections to add to this genealogy tree, click on the link at the bottom of the screen to contact me directly. I want your data!

Kurt W. Leucht ‎(I01 in The Peoria Leucht genealogy tree)‎
‎(That's the 1970 one, not the 1896 one)‎
Genealogy from The Peoria Leuchts

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