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This is just an area for me to brag about my Scout. I bought it in High School and my stepdad and I fixed it up and painted it. Check out all the photos and descriptions!


Here are some pictures of my '77 International Scout II. I bought it when I was in High School and my stepdad and I did most of the bodywork ourselves (fiberglass quarter-panels). The first picture shows the original faded-yellow paint color. The second picture was taken after a 3 inch body-lift and new quarter-panels and a primer coat of paint. The third picture shows the final product. I pretty much leave the top off all the time down here in Florida. The poor thing's really starting to rust again, though.

These thumbnails are pretty low resolution, so be sure to view the high res photos I uploaded to my gallery here.

My 77 Scout [before] My 77 Scout [during] My 77 Scout [after]

The rear quarter-panels were rusted completely through when I bought the Scout in 1987 in Morton, IL. You can see that in the first picture. The second picture shows a fitting of the new fiberglass quarter-panels that I bought from a guy near Champaign, IL. The fiberglass had to be sanded quite a bit in places in order to get it to fit properly. The third picture shows my stepdad, our neighbor, and me attempting to figure out how we were going to do a body lift. It turned out to be pretty a pretty easy job. We only had to modify a couple things (radiator mounting, clutch rod). We lifted the body about 3 inches by adding 2.5 inch blocks along with rubber pads above and below.

[image] [image] [image]

These are all much more recent pictures. Since the top is left off most of the time (now that I live in Florida), I keep it in a storage shed. The first picture shows the top being lifted off the Scout. I use a small block and tackle system and boat straps to lift it up all by myself. It's a pretty heavy top, all steel construction. But the block and tackle does most all the work. The second picture shows the soft top I made for it. (Yes, I bought the vinyl fabric and sewed it myself!!) There's a PVC pipe installed along the top of the windshield that the soft top wraps around and also snaps into place. Then the soft top goes around the roll bar and back to the pipe or down to the floor and is strapped down. The roll bar is custom made by my stepdad. He's a professional welder in Central Illinois. He also made the brush guard for me!

[image] [image] [image]

If you like the rollbar that my stepdad and I designed, click here to see my rollbar design renderings.

Here's the Christmas card I sent out in 1995.


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