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Kurt & Sam Leucht

[Kurt Leucht and Samantha Bufford engagement photo]
[Kurt Leucht and Samantha Leucht 5 year anniversary cruise photo]
[Kurt Leucht and Samantha Leucht 10 year anniversary Chicago trip photo]
[Kurt Leucht and Samantha Leucht 15 year anniversary Key West trip photo]
April 1998,
Engagement Photo
July 2003,
5 Year Anniversary Cruise
July 2008,
10 Year Anniversary Chicago Trip
July 2013,
15 Year Anniversary Key West Trip

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What's going on with the Leucht's:


Kurt's Blog
Kurt's Web Log
(or Blog)!

Leucht Family

Kurt William Leucht's Facebook profile

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Other interesting stuff at leucht.com:

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History of the Leucht family
The name "Leucht" is pronounced LOYT. Well, at least that's how it's been Americanized! The most current known ancestry of the Leucht family can be viewed here!

[Us Icon]
OnLine Photo Album!
We've placed some of our favorite photos here for your enjoyment. Check back regularly as we add more photos to the album! We hope you like our OnLine Photo Album!

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OnLine Store
Why would a family website even have an online store? What on earth could a nice little conservative family living in rural Florida be selling that I would want to purchase? Probably not much. But browse around anyways just to be sure! :-) By the way, most of the merchandise sold here was created by someone in the Leucht household.

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Kurt Pages
Kurt's personal area includes all kinds of good stuff. He'd love to show you the Yard Shed he recently built, and he even has the construction plans online! He's also into sharing with the Internet Community, all the computer programs and scripts that he has written. Believe it, there's all kinds of FREE STUFF in here!! (And here is a blatant link to AcmeCatapult.com!)

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Sam Pages
Sam's personal area also includes all kinds of good stuff. Sam has an incredible amount of Teacher's Resources online. Be sure to check out "Sam's Comprehensive List of Teacher Resources on the Web"!!

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Baby Pages
Karsten James Leucht was born on September 16th, 2004! Elijah William Leucht was born on September 4th, 2002! The Baby area contains all kinds of baby stuff for everyone to see. We've got tons of photos and even some streaming video! Check back later to read stories and to see lots of other good stuff!

[2North Logo]
2North Pages
The leucht.com 2North area is a place where Kurt's college buddies can come and hang out. It includes a secure address book, so we can all keep in touch without being bothered by solicitors and the like. There is also a private 2North mailing list server, so that everybody doesn't have to keep up their own email address book.

[Dee Mack Icon]
Dee Mack Class of 1988 Pages
The leucht.com Deer Creek - Mackinaw High School class of 1988 area is a place where Kurt's High School buddies can come hang out. It includes links to the 20 year reunion DVD and also lots and lots of photos.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site are currently under construction! Please be patient with us!
Please give us your feedback about the leucht.com Web Site!

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