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Kurt's personal area includes all kinds of good stuff. There's his "almost famous" web log, or blog. Several of his favorite handyman projects and artistic works are shown here too. Also, there are links to several of his acting and singing projects. Many of his handyman and woodworking projects include plans and instructions so that you can do them for yourself!

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About Me
About Me
Here's some stuff about me. I like to call this page: "Everything you wanted to know about Kurt, but were afraid to ask".

Kurt's Blog
Kurt's Web Journal or Blog
This is my web-based journal, commonly referred to as a Blog (that's short for Web Log). I'll probably mostly blog about cool websites I encounter or cool experiences that I ... um ... experience. I'll try real hard to include photos or images in each blog. (There's nothing more boring to me than a plain ole' text blog, wouldn't you agree?)

Web/Software Projects
Here are some web/software projects that I've worked on that I'm pretty proud of. This is just a place for me to brag a bit about myself.

Dr Seuss
Photos of Elijah's Incredible Dr. Seuss Room!
Everybody loves Dr. Seuss books and characters! Daddy painted an incredible Dr. Seuss mural in Elijah's room that you've got to see to believe! It's almost as if you've been transported directly into a Dr. Seuss book! Check it out here online, complete with instructions on how to create your own Dr. Seuss room!

Sandra Boynton
Karsten's Incredible Sandra Boynton Room!
Everybody loves Sandra Boynton books and characters! Daddy painted an incredible Sandra Boynton mural in Karsten's room that you've got to see to believe! It's almost as if you've been transported directly into a Sandra Boynton book! Check it out here online, complete with instructions on how to create your own Sandra Boynton room!

Yard Shed
Wood Framed Yard Shed Plans
I built an 8' x 12' shed in my side yard beside the house. It's large enough to hold all my lawn & garden equipment and tools. It's even big enough to hold the topper from my Scout too! Check out the NEARLY COMPLETE building plans here!!

Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack Chairs
I designed and built several adirondack chairs out of pine and painted them for outdoor use. They are very comfortable and they look absolutely beautiful! I plan to someday create and upload some woodworking plans for these chairs in the future, but for right now I might make & sell you one or two chairs if I'm not too busy!!

Yard Shed
Treehouse Instructions
I built a treehouse in my backyard recently. Check out the building instructions and photos here!!

New Room
New Room with 3D Models
I enclosed our screened-in porch as part of the house in 2001-2002. We made it into an Office for the computer and we also put a guest bed in there.

Kitchen Remodel
We remodeled the kitchen in the spring of 2004. We put in new flooring, a breakfast bar, new countertops, and new cabinets all around! We love our brand new kitchen!

Other Misc. Projects
Here is a list of other miscellaneous projects that I've worked on over the years. Some are woodworking projects, some are art/painting projects, some are just misc. projects I've done around the house. Other than patting myself on the back, I hope that others can be either inspired by some of these projects or maybe even be given the knowledge and the confidence to try some of these for themselves. I will usually post photos and details.

1976 Int'l Scout II
This is just an area for me to brag about my Scout. I bought it in High School and my stepdad and I fixed it up and painted it. Check out all the photos and descriptions! I don't own it anymore. I sold it on eBay in 2006.

Kurt's Acting and Singing Projects
Here are some links to some of the TV Shows, Movies, Plays, and Musicals that I've been fortunate enough to either be in or to help out with. I really get a kick out of performing and also just watching how the entertainment industry works!

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