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1st Annual Light the Way 5K Run/Walk

Yesterday morning our family took part in the 1st Annual Gilchrist Educational Foundation (GEF) Light the Way 5K Run/Walk at our church. We walked. And even though we were pushing strollers with the boys for all 5 kilometers, we did not cross the finish line last … we crossed it third to last. 🙂




Official race results are here at Running Zone (link no longer works). We finished with an official time of 51 minutes and 13 seconds.


Leucht Garage Sale

(garage sale image)

Sam’s been working very hard for a couple weeks now to get ready for another garage sale. It’s going to be tomorrow. Should be good weather with highs in the lower 80’s and little chance of rain. I’ll be playing indoors with the boys to try to keep them from realizing that we’re trying to sell a bunch of their old toys and stuffed animals. 🙂


New Leucht genealogy website launched!

(Sample screen capture of Leucht genealogy site)

I’ve launched a new Leucht genealogy website. Check it out here:

If you are family and just want to look at the data, log in using the standard family username and password that you’ve used elsewhere on If you don’t know (or forgot) the standard family username and password, just email or call me and I’ll let you know what it is.

For those who want to be able to actually edit or submit new data, you will have to register as a new user. I know the user interface can feel a bit overwhelming, but I didn’t write the software so it can’t be helped. To request a new user account, just click “Login”, then click “Request new user account”. Then type in your name and some other minor information and submit the form. I’ll approve you as a user ASAP!