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Sam’s Web Links

Here’s a list of my favorite web sites and links to friends & family web pages.


Adoption Sites:

Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency
CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency is prepared to help you through all the steps of international adoption.

Rainbow Kids-Your Source for International Adoption Information
Acts as a collection database for many agencies.

The American-World Adoption Association and Adoption Agency
AWAA is a Christian based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families adopt children.

Christian Music Sites:

Looking for interesting; weird; or just plain crazy in a band… Newsboys is it. Peter Furler is a freak… But what a sound. The band is ever changing yet keeps their great alternative music going. Check out their site to see if they are coming to a city near you!

Sixpence None The Richer
These guys are a great band! You can view and hear live recordings from their Web Site!!

The Waiting
One of my Favorites! The most powerful and scripture based messegage I have heard in a long time. Hear a sample of their music online.

Third Day
Rock Alternative combined with powerful ballads makes up a very unique sound. Check out Third Day’s web site for concert info and to view one of their concerts on the web using Real Player.

Home Improvement & Craft Sites:

Country Living Magazine
The latest in counrty living decorating and collectibles. Also has good information on antiques.

Country Sampler Decorating Ideas
Projects Techniques Tips and Whats in their current issue.

Crafts for Kids
Ideas and Instructions for crafts you can do with your kids as well as some of the supplies you need for sale on the site.

Do-It-Yourself Resources
A site that lists in alphabetical order links to many do-it-yourself sites. Anything from plumbing-candle making- gardening- refinishing to electrical work.

Martha Stewart
The Queen of Craft. Check out what Martha has on today’s To Do List.

The Christopher Lowell Show
He can be seen daily on The Discovery Channel creating and remodeling on a modest budget. Great ideas for decorating your home with things you have made and arranging your furniture to get the most out of the space you have.

Misc. Sites:

Ask Jeeves!
Got a Question? Need an answer? Ask Jeeves! A great way to answer those nagging questions!

Direct Selling Association
Ever wonder how to get involved in one of the many person-to-person or party plan business? This site gives a list;description; and link(if available) of all businesses that are members of the DSA. There are great opportunities out there.

Other Music Sites:

Alison Krauss & Union Station
A sound of Bluegrass mixed with Gospel. Alison’s site contains info on her career highlights; tour dates and her discography.

James Taylor Online
Great information on JT. Tour dates Chat Lyrics Audio clips and more.

Official George Strait
Everything a George Strait fan could want.

The Official Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
The place where Parrot Heads go to find the latest Music Merchandise and Tour Information. Everything you want to know about Buffett.

Parent Sites:

BabyCenter- Your complete resource for pregnancy and baby information
Emails you a week by week update on how your baby and you are growing; answers to your questions; newsletter; discusses Topics A-Z. Has just about everything.

FamilyFun: Activities-Crafts
Sote has many ideas for crafts and activities for the family. Weekly ideas; Ask the expert; and Lists of Supplies ofr crafting.

Kids Health
Great site with information on anything from emotion health to physical health. First Aid and Safety category that discusses how to be prepared for injuries. Range from pregnancy to teens. In depth pregnancy calendar week by week.

Online Pregnancy Magazine- pregnancy and newborn information
Baby Names; Baby shower etiquite; Q&A; Pregnancy do’s and don’t; child safety tips; and much more.

Offers a free newsletter; age by age advice; product recalls and more.

Toysrus.com/Amazon.com Toy Store
Of course you can find any product that Toys R Us sells; but I found this website helpful for part of my research on products. This site has a pretty good base of Customer Reviews on most of their products. It helps to hear about a product from someone who has used it.

School Alumni Sites:

Alumni.NET- bringing school friends together
I don’t think this one is as publicized as the others. However it not only puts you in touch with your high school friends but also your college friends. Check it out and see who is registered.

This site is Ok. You have to pay to be a member and only members can access the profiles of classmates. But go ahead and register. It can always help a classmate find you!

High School Alumni
This site is my favorite. You can use it free of charge as long as you register. Allows you to get quite a bit of information on your former classmates and will help you keep in touch.

Online Store Open for Business

Why would a family website like leucht.com open up an online store? Well, I’m sort of a geek if you hadn’t figured that out already. 🙂 What kind of merchandise is offered at this online store? I have a whole suite of Dee Mack Class of 1988 related merchandise, including the famous 20 year reunion DVD and various refrigerator magnets and photo prints.

I also have a DVD full of old silent movies that my grandfather, Kurt William Leucht, and the Peoria Cinema Club created back in the 1950’s. Then there are a whole bunch of different types of items with my almost famous lemon blossom photo emblazoned on them.

Then there are some books that we have written and have decided to share. And lastly but not leastly, we have some really cool t-shirts that proudly advertise for this fine family website. I make very little profit, if at all, from the sales of this merchandise. It’s mostly just for fun. Enjoy! Here is a link to the leucht.com online store.


Cool Web App: Awesome Highlighter

I stumbled across a pretty cool web application today. It won’t have as many users as Google Docs, but I can see an occasional need for something like this. It’s called Awesome Highlighter, and it is an online web tool that lets you highlight a website, then share that highlighted website with others.

Check it out. Here is a screen shot of what one of my blog entries looks like normally when you first look at it:

.Original Web Page

So you go to awesomehighlighter.com and put in the URL that you want to highlight, it takes you there, but it gives you a set of tools, like a highlighter that has color choices, and sticky notes. You highlight and add sticky notes and then click Done. Then it gives you a tiny URL that you can visit and share, and the highlighted version of the web page is there at that tiny URL. Here’s what the above blog entry looked like at the tiny URL after I highlighted a few words and added a couple sticky notes:

.Highlighted Blog Entry

Pretty cool, huh? I could see how this could come in handy every once in a while when you’re trying to show someone something, but you’re not right there face to face to point to it and you’re not necessarily in a position to do desktop sharing or something like that. Nice job, Awesome Highlighter!


1950’s Peoria Cinema Club Films

A few years ago my dad transferred some of my grandfather’s old silent films that he and his friends from the Peoria Cinema Club had made from the original edited films onto VHS format. I recently transferred them onto DVD and then stumbled across a website called CreateSpace where you can publish and sell your own DVDs. They do a nice job of printing the packaging and also printing onto the DVD itself, and they also set you up a store to sell your DVD. They even let you upload a 30 second trailer that they stream to potential customers. That’s a nice touch.

.CreateSpace website with DVD for sale

So if you’re interested in watching some historic 1950’s Peoria Cinema Club films, just go to the below link and order yourself a copy. It will only cost you $9.50 plus shipping. What a bargain! https://www.createspace.com/243975

.DVD cover Peoria Cinema Club

2/17/2008 Addendum: As if CreateSpace wasn’t cool enough, they are also affiliated with Amazon, one of the largest online stores in the world! So you can buy this 1950’s Peoria Cinema Club DVD from either the CreateSpace store linked above or you can purchase it from Amazon.com! (http://www.amazon.com/1950s-Peoria-Cinema-Club-Films/dp/B0013TPGE2/)

.Amazon screenshot of 1950's Peoria Cinema Club Films DVD

Order my Lemon Blossom photo on various merchandise!

Tonight I set up a CafePress store to sell various merchandise with my lemon blossom photo professionally printed on them. Check it out! <http://www.cafepress.com/lemonblossom> There are mugs, tote bags, coasters, buttons, magnets, greeting cards, posters, and much more! These are the perfect gifts for that person in your life who already has everything! 🙂