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For Sale: 2 very nice nearly brand new full wetsuits

We have two very nice long wetsuits for sale. They are both very close to brand new. Both have been worn SCUBA diving only a couple of times and both have been carefully stored indoors for a number of years.

Click on any photo to see that photo in full size.

1 - wetsuits for sale

The IST Proline wetsuit is a size small. It is black with blue accents. It is a very nice quality and very nice looking wetsuit. It is neoprine and has really nice rubber kneepads built in. The tag does not say, but it feels close to the same or maybe just a bit thinner than the other wetsuit below, which says it is 3.0 mm on the tag. You can see in the photos that there is no wear on it at all. I will sell this nearly new wetsuit for $100 which is quite a discount from the original price.

2 - wetsuits for sale

3 - wetsuits for sale

4 - wetsuits for sale

5 - wetsuits for sale

The second wetsuit is a size 10-12. It is very close to the same size as the size small IST wetsuit above. It is black and blue and flourescent yellow. This is a bright nice looking wetsuit. It is a 3.0 mm wetsuit also neoprine. You can see in the photos that there is very little or no wear on it at all. I will sell this one for $80 since it is not a name brand like the IST Proline above.

6 - wetsuits for sale

7 - wetsuits for sale

8 - wetsuits for sale

9 - wetsuits for sale

Thanks for looking!


Comics For Sale: The story of my little entrepreneur

My 7 year old came to me a couple days ago with an idea.  He wants to raise some money so he can buy something he saw on a TV commercial.  It’s probably that Aqua Sand stuff or maybe some sort of remote controlled flying device or whatever is being shown to kids watching Phineas and Ferb these days.  He has quite a bit of money already, but for some reason he wants to save that money and raise some new money just for this purpose.  The kid has himself on a budget already!  I’m so proud!  🙂


So the idea that he came up with was to draw a comic strip, scan it in, print out multiple copies of it, and then hit the street and sell them to passers by.  Not a bad plan, I thought.  The only wrinkle is that our quiet little neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of passers by.  Both boys hit the streets anyway right away this morning (in their pajamas, even) and after about an hour had sold exactly one comic.  That’s not counting the few that they had sold earlier in the morning to my wife and to myself.  🙂


So I suggested that we advertise this product to all our friends and family using the Internet.  If you’re interested in buying one of these comic strip “reproductions”, just click on the PayPal button below.  You don’t actually need a PayPal account to make a payment.  It’s super fast and super easy to send us a dollar using PayPal.

So for every one of you that sends us a dollar using PayPal, I’m going to dig into my wallet and hand one dollar directly to my seven year old.  Then I’m going to mail you one of these comic strips!  I’ll eat the PayPal fees and the cost of the stamp and envelope.  So 100% of your “donation” is going straight to my 7 year old for this purchase that he wants to make.  Also, after he makes this purchase I will email every donor a photo (or a video) of him enjoying whatever he decided to purchase with the money that you have so graciously donated to the cause!  That way you’ll all get to enjoy the fruits of your donation!

Thanks in advance for your donation to this worthy cause!  🙂


Online Store Open for Business

Why would a family website like leucht.com open up an online store? Well, I’m sort of a geek if you hadn’t figured that out already. 🙂 What kind of merchandise is offered at this online store? I have a whole suite of Dee Mack Class of 1988 related merchandise, including the famous 20 year reunion DVD and various refrigerator magnets and photo prints.

I also have a DVD full of old silent movies that my grandfather, Kurt William Leucht, and the Peoria Cinema Club created back in the 1950’s. Then there are a whole bunch of different types of items with my almost famous lemon blossom photo emblazoned on them.

Then there are some books that we have written and have decided to share. And lastly but not leastly, we have some really cool t-shirts that proudly advertise for this fine family website. I make very little profit, if at all, from the sales of this merchandise. It’s mostly just for fun. Enjoy! Here is a link to the leucht.com online store.


1950’s Peoria Cinema Club Films

A few years ago my dad transferred some of my grandfather’s old silent films that he and his friends from the Peoria Cinema Club had made from the original edited films onto VHS format. I recently transferred them onto DVD and then stumbled across a website called CreateSpace where you can publish and sell your own DVDs. They do a nice job of printing the packaging and also printing onto the DVD itself, and they also set you up a store to sell your DVD. They even let you upload a 30 second trailer that they stream to potential customers. That’s a nice touch.

.CreateSpace website with DVD for sale

So if you’re interested in watching some historic 1950’s Peoria Cinema Club films, just go to the below link and order yourself a copy. It will only cost you $9.50 plus shipping. What a bargain! https://www.createspace.com/243975

.DVD cover Peoria Cinema Club

2/17/2008 Addendum: As if CreateSpace wasn’t cool enough, they are also affiliated with Amazon, one of the largest online stores in the world! So you can buy this 1950’s Peoria Cinema Club DVD from either the CreateSpace store linked above or you can purchase it from Amazon.com! (http://www.amazon.com/1950s-Peoria-Cinema-Club-Films/dp/B0013TPGE2/)

.Amazon screenshot of 1950's Peoria Cinema Club Films DVD