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Poll: What is your opinion of Jesus Christ Superstar (soundtrack, musical, movie)?

I grew up thinking that everyone loved Jesus Christ Superstar, just like my parents did. I never knew there was such a big controversy surrounding the musical. It seems like there is still quite a difference of opinion about the show, even 40 years later. People either love it or hate it, it seems.

To help satisfy my curiosity, and to help me understand how divided people really are about it, please take 5 seconds out of your busy day and answer this simple anonymous poll question:


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Now, whatever your answer to the poll question, you may want to come see the “best community theater in Florida” put on this musical during the final three weekends in March 2013. You can buy your tickets online at http://www.cocoavillageplayhouse.com/ or you can phone the box office at 321-636-5050.

Thank you for your time!

Auditions: Evita at the Cocoa Village Playhouse

Announcing auditions for Evita at the Cocoa Village Playhouse!
No experience necessary!

  • Saturday August 15th, 10am (children 8-12 years)
  • Saturday August 15th, 2pm (males 13 years and older)
  • Saturday August 15th, 4pm (females 13 years and older)

There is nothing to be afraid of! They need all ages and all body types! Not everybody has to be a great singer and not everybody has to be a great dancer! If I can do it, so can you!  Try it just this once and I promise you won’t regret it!     🙂

From wikipedia: “Evita is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. It focuses on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentinian president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita’s early life, acting career, rise to power, charity work, feminist involvement and eventual death.”


Evita is a terrific musical.  And in case you have been living in a cave, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice are the geniuses who collaborated on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and also on Jesus Christ Superstar. In addition to those collaborations Andrew Lloyd Webber created the music for Cats, Starlight Express, and Phantom of the Opera while Tim Rice created the lyrics for Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Aida!

These guys simply cannot create a bad musical! So if you don’t want to audition for Evita, at least put the performance dates on your calendar for September 25th through the middle of October and make sure you call the playhouse box office between now and then and reserve yourself some tickets! You know these are going to sell like hotcakes, though, so call today! 321-636-5050 (www.cocoavillageplayhouse.com)


From the audition flyer:

  • No experience necessary.  We will train you!
  • Please limit vocal auditions to a maximum of 1 minute or 16 bars of music.  Sheet music is preferred (we provide pianist).  Cd accompaniment must not contain prerecorded vocals and must stop at 1 minute.  No cassette tapes please.
  • If you do not have a prepared song, you will be asked to sing “Happy Birthday” with the piano accompaniment (a pianist will be provided).  No acapella vocals, please.
  • You will also be given simple stage movement to follow.  Please dress comfortably with correct shoes to move.
  • Phone 636-5050 for further information.

To buy the London Cast Recording, just click on this little “ad”:

….. …..

Pictures and Media from AIDA the musical

I finally sat down and created an AIDA page on leucht.com containing photos that I took during the production along with links to photos taken by others along with a couple of videos that were produced for marketing purposes.

.   aida-web-page-on-leucht-com

The leucht.com AIDA web page can be found here:  http://www.leucht.com/aida/

Enjoy.  And if any cast members or crew has any more photos from the production that they’d like to share with the masses, feel free to contact me via http://www.leucht.com/email/ and I’ll be happy to add more links.


AIDA photo slideshow on Florida Today website

Florida Today put together a nice little narrated photo slideshow showing some scenes from AIDA with the company singing the music that is playing in the background. Check out the video below. Just click on the play button to watch it.

[Link has been removed from Florida Today’s website. Sorry.]

Call 321-636-5050 for tickets or for more information, or go to the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse website.


P.S. I’m in the show … I’m playing the bad guy’s (Zoser’s) evil sidekick.  It’s an unnamed part without any actual lines, but it’s still a very fun part.  I’m also playing a slave in a couple of the slave camp scenes.