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Trip to San Francisco & Silicon Valley

Last week I was in the Silicon Valley for a work related conference. I wish I’d had my camera with me when I was walking between the San Jose convention center and my downtown hotel, because I saw something that you probably won’t see outside of Silicon Valley … a homeless man with a laptop computer. He was sitting against the theatre building on the corner of West San Carlos Street and South Market Street plugged into an exterior outlet on the side of the building. With his laptop sitting on a cardboard box, he was typing away at his keyboard. It looked like he had what could have been a USB WiFi device plugged in. There’s WiFi all around Silicon Valley … even on their Light Rail System.Another thing I saw that I don’t think you’ll see much of anywhere else but in Silicon Valley was a vending machine in my hotel lobby that sold snacks, but it also sold electronic cables, wireless headphones, and even a $200 iPod nano. I’m pretty sure you have to swipe your credit card for the iPod. Can you imagine paying 200 bucks for an iPod in a vending machine and it getting hung up like a bag of chips?! Then the next person gets two for the price of one! Only in Silicon Valley.Well, here are a couple of my photos from San Francisco. It was foggy and late in the day, so they’re not my best work.

The world-famous Sea Lions at Pier 39 in San Francisco


The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


The world-famous Cable Car Trolleys in San Francisco


The world-famous Lombard Street in San Francisco