East-Central Florida waterspout photos

On Thursday July 20, 2006 the following photos were taken by some of my coworkers in and around the Kennedy Space Center in East-Central Florida. This impressive waterspout was only a mile or so from the building where I work. I only got to see the waterspout with my own eyes because when the tornado alarm went off I was in a meeting in a temporary trailer and we all had to move from the trailer to a permanent structure. We all got to see the waterspout as soon as we exited the trailer.

For those Northerners reading this: Waterspouts are tornados over water. They usually break up pretty fast when they hit land. They’re fairly whimpy tornados over water. The water helps feed them, and they can’t maintain themselves over land.



One thought on “East-Central Florida waterspout photos”

  1. Reminds of the tornados we had back in Tazewell County. Here in Northern Virginia, we don’t get tornados often and we are too far from the ocean for a waterspout.

    Great photos Kurt!

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