Dee-Mack Class of 1988 — 20 Year Reunion

Pretty soon it will be 2008, which means that those of us who graduated high school in 1988 will be having our big 20 year reunions next year. The Deer Creek-Mackinaw (a.k.a. Dee-Mack) High School class of 1988 is starting to lay down plans for our 20 year reunion.

.Dee-Mack Class of 1988 20 year reunion

The current plan is to have our reunion around the Homecoming time frame, which is September 19th, 2008. If you are a member of the Dee-Mack class of 1988, email me (Kurt only) your contact information (at least email address, if not phone and street address too) by using the web based email form on my website. I will forward your contact information to the folks who are planning and organizing the reunion. It’s gonna be a great party!


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  1. Deer Creek Mackinaw Class of 1988 reunion committee is having trouble finding a few classmates. Please contact me using the links above if you are (or if you know) any of the following people from the Dee-Mack class of 1988:
    * Robbie Compton
    * Erica (Hedrick) Montgomery
    * Jason Plummer
    * Jerry Williams
    * Jenny Scott
    * Brian Dunham
    * Don Barnes
    * Kelly (Foster) Parks

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