Mitt Romney fans: Buy this Life Magazine!

I was cleaning house today and came across this old Life Magazine from 1962. I hate to throw away old stuff, so I was gazing at it trying to figure out what to do with it when I noticed the feature article on “Romney of Rambler” the “new star in politics”. I’m not super crazy about politics, but the Romney name did sound very familiar.


Turns out the article is about George W. Romney, president of American Motors at the time and who later became the Governor of Michigan and also was a presidential candidate in 1968. On page 34 is a family photo of the Romneys that includes a young Mitt Romney who is currently running for president.


Huh. This might be worth something to someone somewhere, no? I put it on eBay today for 7 bucks. I found quite a few other copies of the same edition starting at 10 bucks, so I think 7 is reasonable for a collector’s item that may increase in value. The value could actually go way up if Mitt Romney does well in the elections. Here’s the link to the eBay auction if you are interested:


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