Nose & Sinus Surgery

Kurt has been home for the past week recovering from endoscopic sinus surgery and deviated septum correction. He and the doctor are hopeful that these procedures will allow him to have less sinus infections and also less ear infections in the future. The recovery from the sinus part was really pretty painless. Guess there aren’t too many pain receptors around your sinus cavities. The deviated septum surgery is the only soreness that Kurt is experiencing right now. But the nose and upper jaw soreness is tolerable and Kurt is going back to work this week.

(Kurts Sinuses from the front)

In this front view CAT-scan, taken before the surgery, you can clearly see both my deviated septum (the middle part of my nose) and my “benign semitransparent nasal lesion” (which is a fancy medical term for “tissue in the sinus cavity that doesn’t belong there and is not cancerous”) on the left side under my eye. The sinus cavity on the right side of the image is black, which means there is no abnormal tissue inside there … only air.

(Kurts sinuses from below)

In this bottom view CAT-scan, also taken before the surgery, you can also clearly see both problems.


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