Comics For Sale: The story of my little entrepreneur

My 7 year old came to me a couple days ago with an idea.  He wants to raise some money so he can buy something he saw on a TV commercial.  It’s probably that Aqua Sand stuff or maybe some sort of remote controlled flying device or whatever is being shown to kids watching Phineas and Ferb these days.  He has quite a bit of money already, but for some reason he wants to save that money and raise some new money just for this purpose.  The kid has himself on a budget already!  I’m so proud!  🙂


So the idea that he came up with was to draw a comic strip, scan it in, print out multiple copies of it, and then hit the street and sell them to passers by.  Not a bad plan, I thought.  The only wrinkle is that our quiet little neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of passers by.  Both boys hit the streets anyway right away this morning (in their pajamas, even) and after about an hour had sold exactly one comic.  That’s not counting the few that they had sold earlier in the morning to my wife and to myself.  🙂


So I suggested that we advertise this product to all our friends and family using the Internet.  If you’re interested in buying one of these comic strip “reproductions”, just click on the PayPal button below.  You don’t actually need a PayPal account to make a payment.  It’s super fast and super easy to send us a dollar using PayPal.

So for every one of you that sends us a dollar using PayPal, I’m going to dig into my wallet and hand one dollar directly to my seven year old.  Then I’m going to mail you one of these comic strips!  I’ll eat the PayPal fees and the cost of the stamp and envelope.  So 100% of your “donation” is going straight to my 7 year old for this purchase that he wants to make.  Also, after he makes this purchase I will email every donor a photo (or a video) of him enjoying whatever he decided to purchase with the money that you have so graciously donated to the cause!  That way you’ll all get to enjoy the fruits of your donation!

Thanks in advance for your donation to this worthy cause!  🙂


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