My awesome video game watch from 1981 – Nelsonic Space Attacker

This watch was made in 1981, so I was probably 11 or 12 when I first got it.  It’s a Space Attacker video game watch from a company called Nelsonic.  I loved this watch and so did just about everyone I encountered … both kids and adults alike.  This watch made the junior high version of me pretty popular!  Ha!  🙂

Nelsonic space attacker video game watch

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Nelsonic space attacker video game watch - close up

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The game is quite addictive for as simple as it is.  It’s basically a simplified version of Space Invaders.  One button changes the direction of the cannon launcher and the other button fires.  The invading space ships march across the screen and get closer if you don’t shoot them down.  They shoot at you too.

Here is a video that someone posted of the game on their watch:

This watch is built very well and it stood up to lots of junior high abuse. Please leave a comment below if you remember playing with my video game watch in junior high!

Here is a nice web article on the watch, complete with a tear down:


7 thoughts on “My awesome video game watch from 1981 – Nelsonic Space Attacker”

  1. I loved this watch! I was 15 when it came out. Many classmates wanted to play it too. Had it taken away for a day by a teacher. I think I still have mine in a box somewhere. It stopped working after a few years.

  2. I had that watch in my junior year in high school!!! Why did I get rid of it? Cool to see I wasn’t the only nerd in school. LOL

  3. I still have this watch missing the back and metal plate over the batteries would love to find the parts I think it will still work if I can get those parts can anyone help? It has great sentimental value last present I got from my mother. I had it go off every hour drove my teachers nuts.

  4. I have one. Everything seams to work except the sound. It is in over all good condition no box or manual. I might be interested in selling. What are they worth. Make me an offer. I can email pictures if your interested.

  5. Got this for my 15th Brithday. I used to charge the other kids a quarter or 50 cents to play a few games. I had it until 2000 when my car burnt up in a fire.(1971 Chevelle) Many fun memories while wearing that watch

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