My Journey To America: July 31, 1914

Exactly 100 years ago today, my 18 year old grandfather, Kurt William Leucht, wrote the following entry into his journal:

 At 5:00am, the train stopped in Hornell, NY, where we had a twenty minute layover.  We had breakfast.  We continued on the whole day and night.  During daylight hours, I was able to enjoy the wonderful landscape.  Occasionally there was a village or small city where the train stopped.

You can read my grandfather’s entire journal by clicking below.  It’s quite interesting!  Of course, I’m biased!   🙂

Thanks for your interest!

2 thoughts on “My Journey To America: July 31, 1914”

  1. I wish my grandmother, who made this trip from Austria, would have kept a diary. You are so lucky to have this. It was so great that your Dad had it translated.

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