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Yes, I’m a cheesy actor. Thanks for noticing.

Okay, there’s no more denying it.  I’m one of those cheesy actor types.  Now that hundreds of Park Avenue Baptist Church members have seen the Father’s Day service introduction video that I did last weekend, the cat is totally out of the bag.


In case you want to watch it for yourself and make fun of me later, here is the video on YouTube: 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ufa2s215dQ video-still

Or you can just watch it right here:

All Pro Dad Weekend: A Father’s Day Weekend Event


Join us this weekend at Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville for a special event that is designed for the All Pro Dads that we all know and love.  Both services (Saturday night at 630 pm and Sunday morning at 1030 am), each lasting exactly one hour, will have elements that are specifically relevant to Dads.


They will also have a fun, casual look and feel, so go ahead and wear your favorite team colors!  Special items will be given away at each service!  I’ll see you there!

Here is an interactive map to Park Avenue Baptist Church, in Titusville.