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Overheard confession of a dog owner

A couple months ago I was sitting in a restaurant eating lunch when I overheard an odd confession at an adjacent table.  A young high school looking girl said the following to her male friend:  “My parents leave the TV on all night long for the dog.”

Wow.  At first I thought this was just plain funny.  But then it occurred to me that these people were wasting quite a lot of electricity by leaving the TV on all night long.  They must really really love their dog!

Funny Kid Quotes

When asked if he wants more apple before a treat: “No, I’m full. Well, my food side is full but my treat part is empty.”

— Elijah

While watching mommy mopping: “Mommy, do you have a ‘caution wet floor’?”

— Karsten

An odd breakfast request: “I would like cheese, peas, and toothpicks.”

— Elijah

During a dinner discussion of wedding rings: “You guys did a great job getting married.”

— Karsten