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Chain swing installed into tree limb

A while back I installed a standard hanging chain swing from a nice big limb in the oak tree in my front yard. I found these nice heavy duty swiveling swing hangers at WalMart. They just screw right into the tree limb or into a wooden swing set.


My problem became how do I close the loop on this swing hanger after I have inserted the chain from the swing? I suppose I could just keep the loop open, but that would risk kids flying off and hurting themselves while swinging.  Probably not too likely, but still a risk.  The solution was sitting on my drill press in my shop. It’s my handy dandy portable drill press vice.


To get leverage and close the small portable vice onto the hanger’s loop, I used a piece of pipe.




Our treehouse

Last weekend was a three day weekend, and I had lots of plans to get all sorts of tasks done around the house. Until my seven year old came up to me on Saturday morning and asked me to build him a treehouse. Little did he know that many months earlier I had scoped out the tree in our back yard for a treehouse and I had even drawn up plans and figured out all the materials I needed.



Here is a photo of the tree I used.


Here is a photo of the treehouse platform under construction:


Here is a photo of the completed platform with flooring planks installed and a hole for the trap door:


And here is the final product complete with railing:


Reverse angle of final product:


Here’s a photo of the kids enjoying their new treehouse:


The boys got out their play tools and pretended to help me build the treehouse:


This took me the whole three day weekend to complete and it was a labor of love.  It also took me four trips to Lowe’s for various materials.  I’m very pleased with the results and the boys seem to love it.  The biggest problem for me was the deer flies that hang out in the backyard.  They were all over me all during the construction, and I have welts all over my arms and legs to remember the experience by.  🙂

For anyone who wants more details, I have posted detailed high resolution photos and construction instructions on my website here:  http://www.leucht.com/kurt/treehouse/