Google AdSense Video Units Now Available

I’m going to attempt to place a Google AdSense Video Unit into this blog post. I have no idea what the actual content of the video will be, but it is supposed to be targeted specifically to match other content on this website. I imagine it will contain something related to woodworking or the Space Program.

[Google AdSense Video Unit removed due to inappropriate and usually offending content!]

Update: That didn’t originally work too well. WordPress, my blog software trashed the javascript code I pasted in. I had to directly modify the mySql database entry to get it to work.

Update 2: Wow, the videos that were showing up here were not related to woodworking or the Space Program at all! Many of them were quite offending, so I removed the video unit. I guess Google has some more work to do in this area. Good luck, Google!


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