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Normalizing Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is really awesome!  It tracks all the visitors to my website and gives me nice reports about the audience, the pages they are viewing, and the means they used to get to my site.  It’s completely invaluable for website owners and administrators!

BUT … the pageview data is not normalized.  Google lets me choose the date range and then it shows me all pageviews for that entire date range.  Even for pages and blog posts that didn’t exist during part of the date range.  This un-normalized pageview data is totally unfair to the newer content!  It’s not fair to compare 1,000 pageviews for a page that’s been around for 5 years to 1,000 pageviews for a second page that’s only been around for 5 months!  But this is how Google Analytics displays the data.

While looking at the all-time top content on my personal leucht.com website recently, these were the all-time top pages or posts:

But when I took into account the birth date of each page, I got different results.  These are actually my most popular pages.  Not the list above.

I’m not surprised by the VOB blog post being in the number one spot.  I get a lot of feedback and people thanking me for posting that one.  But I’m really stoked about the Batmobile Pinewood Derby post being my 2nd most popular post!  That one was not on the radar in the initial Google Analytics report!

So please, Google … please figure out a way to decide when each page got created (by looking at the first hit, maybe?) and then show me the pageviews per day over the life of each page.  That way, I can see the all-time velocity or all-time popularity of each and every page on my site as a fair comparison regardless of the age of the content.

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A quick online tour of my home town: Mackinaw, IL

I was playing around with Google Maps today and realized that the Google Street View folks have driven through my tiny little home town of Mackinaw, IL.  They didn’t drive all over the place … they just made a beeline down the main drag.  But still, very cool.  So enjoy your online tour of Mackinaw, Illinois!

Click on any image below to view and interact with it.  Click and drag to “look around”.  Click on the street arrows to drive up and down the street.

[All street view images are copyright and owned by Google.]


Welcome to Mackinaw, Illinois where the population is around 1,500 very nice folks.  It’s only 30 minutes from Peoria to the West and 50 minutes from Bloomington to the East.


This is the old historic Mackinaw Train Depot.  It sat empty and in near ruins for many many years when I was growing up.  When I was in high school, the historical society paid me to mow it.  They also paid me to paint the historical sign that was displayed out front for many years.  Some very smart entrepreneurs came up with the idea to make a tea room and a gift shop out of it and it’s been thriving now for many years.


Here is Mackinaw’s downtown park.  It’s also very historic.  I have some photos from the Mackinaw Sesquicentennial in 1976 of my family dressed up in Sesquicentennial garb and watching the time capsule burial ceremony here.  That should be fun to open up someday.  There is an historic naval ship gun turret displayed here in this park.  You can see it on the left in the photo.  It’s pretty cool and fun for kids to play on.  Last summer I got photos of my boys climbing and playing on it, just like I did when I was their age!


Here is the only grocery store in the area … the Mackinaw IGA.  I worked here during high school and Junior College along with many of my classmates.  Sadly this store burned down last year.  Here is another photo.  The owner says they’re gonna rebuild, though.


Here is a view looking downtown.  It’s a very small and friendly little town.


Mmmmmm.  Ice cream.  This ice cream stand wasn’t quite this big when I was growing up.  It’s good to see that business is good and they have added on to the original little shed building.


The Christian Church in Mackinaw.  It’s a beautiful building inside and out.  This isn’t the church my family attended, but some of my friends attended here and I visited occasionally and have good memories from it.  My United Methodist church didn’t get photographed by the Google Street View cameras or I’d include it here too.


Mackinaw Grade School.  It looks quite a bit different than when I was attending.  I attended here from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade.  The Junior high was in a different area of the building than the lower grades.  I don’t think any of the original building remains anymore.


The Mackinaw Grain Elevator.  When you live in the middle of corn country, you can’t hardly throw a rock without hitting a grain elevator.

Well, that’s about all the Google Street View folks were able to capture by driving down the main drag.  There’s way more to Mackinaw than what you can see from these few photos, though.  If you’re ever in the area, drive on through and stop by one of the nice little restaurants or stores.  You’ll be glad you did.


Google AdSense Video Units Now Available

I’m going to attempt to place a Google AdSense Video Unit into this blog post. I have no idea what the actual content of the video will be, but it is supposed to be targeted specifically to match other content on this website. I imagine it will contain something related to woodworking or the Space Program.

[Google AdSense Video Unit removed due to inappropriate and usually offending content!]

Update: That didn’t originally work too well. WordPress, my blog software trashed the javascript code I pasted in. I had to directly modify the mySql database entry to get it to work.

Update 2: Wow, the videos that were showing up here were not related to woodworking or the Space Program at all! Many of them were quite offending, so I removed the video unit. I guess Google has some more work to do in this area. Good luck, Google!