Can’t NASA make a simple stairwell sign?

At NASA we’re smart enough to send men out into space and even to the moon, and yet we somehow manage to create and install signs in and around the Space Center like this:


What is the deal with this sign?  Not only is it confusing … but it has some random space characters thrown in there to break up some of the words … and it has a few font changes in there also just in case you weren’t confused enough already.  Obviously, this is a sign whose purpose is to show me where the “stairwell one floor” is.  Or maybe it’s “stairwell on E floor”?  Whatever … I still haven’t figured out the purpose of the down-arrow.  And who came up with the phrase “for exit discharge”, anyways?  Do they even speak English at the sign shop?

This sign was found in the stairwell of a very popular building at KSC.  It’s an Odd Shaped Building, if you know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Can’t NASA make a simple stairwell sign?”

  1. Now we know what happened to all those missing people, they are in a stairwell forever reading the sign and wandering and wondering where to go next!

  2. Actually – it is a simple sign, designed somewhat on the new code that became fully active in July of 2010. The only things not correct are the serif style font and some text height requirements. Discharge is incorrect. It is EXIT – so I assume they didn’t major in english, or were defaulting to old english. but in case of a Fire, I am glad to know you can go to the roof or the bottom floor.

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