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Sans BPA Free?

I know what the word “sans” means.  I also know what the word “free” means.  So what does this label mean that I saw recently on the side of this coffee mug?  This coffee mug is very proudly not free of BPA?


Typically when a label repeats a word in a different language, it it a smaller or italic font or is underneath the English version.  This is an odd choice, to me.  Plus, I think it’s safe to say that most Americans hear the word “sans” enough to know what it means and many people who see this label will not realize that the word “sans” in there for Spanish speaking readers.

I just thought this label layout was an odd choice.  Feel free to discuss below in the comments.

I’m so confused: More Crazy NASA signage

I’m so confused, I don’t know what to put in this bin:


I guess I’d better err on the conservative side and not put anything at all into this bin!  Wouldn’t want to get in trouble for not following directions!

This confusing recycling bin was found at the greatest manned launch complex in America, the Kennedy Space Center.  Without giving away the exact location of the offense, it was found inside a building that is known for it’s Super Salty Pomegranate Fence, if you know what I mean.

Can’t NASA make a simple stairwell sign?

At NASA we’re smart enough to send men out into space and even to the moon, and yet we somehow manage to create and install signs in and around the Space Center like this:


What is the deal with this sign?  Not only is it confusing … but it has some random space characters thrown in there to break up some of the words … and it has a few font changes in there also just in case you weren’t confused enough already.  Obviously, this is a sign whose purpose is to show me where the “stairwell one floor” is.  Or maybe it’s “stairwell on E floor”?  Whatever … I still haven’t figured out the purpose of the down-arrow.  And who came up with the phrase “for exit discharge”, anyways?  Do they even speak English at the sign shop?

This sign was found in the stairwell of a very popular building at KSC.  It’s an Odd Shaped Building, if you know what I mean.

What’s wrong with this sign?

I recently saw this sign at the Sanford airport. I knew where I was going when I saw the sign, but the sign actually confused me and made me stop and think about whether I was going the right direction. I knew the mens bathroom was on the left, but the woman/man figures were on the wrong side. I wonder how many people see this sign and actually go into the wrong bathroom because of it.

. Poorly designed restroom sign