Kurt’s New Car: PT Cruiser

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a few months now looking to replace my work vehicle (an old Ranger pickup) with something that I could haul the whole family in … or at least myself and the boys.  The Ranger still runs okay and still looks okay, but when school starts in the Fall I plan on taking both boys to school in the morning before I go to work and the Ranger only holds one driver and one passenger.

I considered the extended cab small pickups for a while but I quickly realized that those little jump seats just aren’t very safe in crashes.  So I started looking at small cars and mini-SUV style cars.  I wasn’t looking specifically for a PT Cruiser, but this one popped up on Craigslist (free online classified ads) and the price was right so I bought it.  It’s a 2005 base model dark blue Chrysler PT Cruiser 5 speed manual transmission with under 50,000 miles.  It’s in really good shape and it’s a very nice looking car too!  I’m very excited!  [Click the photo for a larger version.]


Midlife crisis?  Possibly.

Cool looking car?  Definitely!

Cool looking, but also a very practical car?  Absolutely!!!!!

So, does anyone want to buy my old Ranger pickup truck?  🙂


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