Redneck Car Wash

We witnessed this while at a public park in North Carolina today.  There was a boat ramp nearby and I saw this man drive right up and back his pickup truck right down the ramp and into the water with no boat trailer.  The rear wheels were totally submerged and the front wheels were probably just a little bit in the water.  We found out later that the guy was trying to rinse out the bed of his truck.  Well, needless to say, he got stuck there.  After maybe 10 minutes, someone drove up and backed their SUV up to his truck in an apparent attempt to help him get his truck out.  I got distracted for a minute and when I looked back, the man’s half submerged truck was completely gone.  Yes, it was no longer there.  It had somehow rolled completely into the lake and was totally submerged.  A couple of hours, two fire trucks, four police cars, two tow trucks, and one fire rescue unit later, I was able to record the following video of the rescue crew pulling the submerged truck out of the lake.  Enjoy.  I just hope the guy who owns the pickup will be able to laugh about this experience later.  🙂


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