What is all over my backyard at dusk?

I had an odd experience the other evening.  I was working in my garage near dusk grinding a new edge on my lawnmower blade.  It was pretty dark and the lighting in my garage is not the greatest, so I was wearing my super bright LED powered forehead light.


After I was done, I put the lawnmower away in my shed in the backyard.  I kept the LED light on my head since it was easier than carrying a flashlight … and it is way brighter.  As I was walking in the backyard with the LED light, I kept noticing these tiny little twinkles of light all over the yard that would flash occasionally as I was walking.  There was maybe one of these odd little twinkles of light in every two square feet or so of yard.

Please comment below your guess as to what the source of the tiny little twinkles of light were in my back yard the other evening.  One guess per comment, please.  The first person to guess correctly will win a t-shirt from the Leucht Online Store.

12 thoughts on “What is all over my backyard at dusk?”

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  2. A weird thought, but you guys don’t get fireflies down there do you? Especially at this time of year? That’s my guess.

  3. We actually do get some occasional fireflies, Joe. Rumor has it that the regular mosquito control sprays down here actually harm our firefly population, though. Your answer is sadly incorrect, though. It was not fireflies that I saw twinkling in my back yard the other night.

  4. YES! Spider eyes! It was twinkling as my LED light reflected off one eye, then another, then another as I walked. I was thinking it was a bug or something, but I was surprised that it was teeny tiny little spiders that were all over my back yard. Nice job, Billy! A fresh new Leucht t-shirt is on the way! 🙂

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