Safety tip: Portable Air Compressor For Your Vehicle

My initial safety tip would be to notice as soon as one of your tires starts to get low and do not ignore it or think to yourself that you will fix it later.  For me, when I do that I tend to forget for a couple of days and then I’m in real trouble the next time I notice that my tire is low.  By then it is really really low.  Lucky for me, I have a mini air compressor in my trunk that plugs into my cars 12 volt jack.


The mini air compressor I use is a Slime brand tire inflater with LED light.  I bought it from my local auto parts store (Auto Zone).  The LED light comes in quite handy in a dark parking lot and is probably even more handy on a dark country road.  You definitely need to get one of these little babies for each of your vehicles.  This particular model is only 10 bucks, which is very cheap for the peace of mind that it buys you.



Update 1: This particular device will only save you if you have a very slow leak.  If you end up with a puncture or something like that, then you will also need a can of tire sealant handy.

Update 2: It’s not shown in the photo above, but since I permanently keep one of these babies in each of my cars, I went ahead and used a permanent marker to place an arrow on the gauge telling me the air pressure of that car’s tires.  This saves me the time and trouble of having to figure that out late at night in the dark while possibly also being eaten by mosquitoes.

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