For Sale: 2 very nice nearly brand new full wetsuits

We have two very nice long wetsuits for sale. They are both very close to brand new. Both have been worn SCUBA diving only a couple of times and both have been carefully stored indoors for a number of years.

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1 - wetsuits for sale

The IST Proline wetsuit is a size small. It is black with blue accents. It is a very nice quality and very nice looking wetsuit. It is neoprine and has really nice rubber kneepads built in. The tag does not say, but it feels close to the same or maybe just a bit thinner than the other wetsuit below, which says it is 3.0 mm on the tag. You can see in the photos that there is no wear on it at all. I will sell this nearly new wetsuit for $100 which is quite a discount from the original price.

2 - wetsuits for sale

3 - wetsuits for sale

4 - wetsuits for sale

5 - wetsuits for sale

The second wetsuit is a size 10-12. It is very close to the same size as the size small IST wetsuit above. It is black and blue and flourescent yellow. This is a bright nice looking wetsuit. It is a 3.0 mm wetsuit also neoprine. You can see in the photos that there is very little or no wear on it at all. I will sell this one for $80 since it is not a name brand like the IST Proline above.

6 - wetsuits for sale

7 - wetsuits for sale

8 - wetsuits for sale

9 - wetsuits for sale

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