Sans BPA Free?

I know what the word “sans” means.  I also know what the word “free” means.  So what does this label mean that I saw recently on the side of this coffee mug?  This coffee mug is very proudly not free of BPA?


Typically when a label repeats a word in a different language, it it a smaller or italic font or is underneath the English version.  This is an odd choice, to me.  Plus, I think it’s safe to say that most Americans hear the word “sans” enough to know what it means and many people who see this label will not realize that the word “sans” in there for Spanish speaking readers.

I just thought this label layout was an odd choice.  Feel free to discuss below in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Sans BPA Free?”

  1. “Sans” is a French word, not Spanish word.

    Spanish would be “Sin” (without) or “Libre de” (free of)

  2. Still very confused as to weather ,( sans bpa free ) means it IS or Is Not bpa free. Please clarify . Thank you

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