The Twelve Days of Software: A fun office party group sing-a-long!

In a moment of creative eruption, I came up with a new set of lyrics for “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for use at my geeky work software group’s Christmas party.  I created a slideshow with the new lyrics and I showed it on the projector as I led the entire group in a sing-a-long, revealing the new silly lyrics one line at a time as we all sang them.  It was a lot of fun!

It was so much fun, that I thought I’d fine tune the slideshow and share it on the Internet for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment.  Feel free to share or use it to lead a sing-a-long at your own geeky software team party or meeting!  It’s also funny to personalize the song for your audience.  For example, I paused after singing “10 chiefs a-nagging” and pointed out that the chief in the image was Oscar, one of our favorite managers to tease.



Thanks for your interest!


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