My Poor-Man’s Paint Booth

Painting with an air-powered spray gun is a quick and convenient way to give a professional looking coat of paint to an object, but it can also make a real mess of your shop.  A fine mist of paint ends up filling the room and then it settles on anything and everything.

My quick and dirty solution was to create a simple 2×4 overhead frame in a large doorway in my shop and then drape old sheets from that frame to enclose an area for spray painting.

I used clothes pins to “seal” my poor-man’s paint booth off from the rest of the shop.


Even the top is “sealed” off with sheets.


It works pretty well at containing the over-spray.


Also, I can leave the 2×4 frame in place and leave the sheets attached to the frame and just lift the sheets up over the frame so they don’t drape down.  This makes the paint booth essentially disappear.  But I can lower the sheets quickly and easily any time I want to do some spraying.

One improvement that I’m planning on making is to add a fan and a filter in order to get some air flow to clear out the mist of paint from the air.  Right now this tiny little paint booth fills up with over-spray rather quickly and takes quite some time to settle out.

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