My Favorite Amazon Links

Seriously, what did we do before we could buy anything we want directly on the Internet with just a few clicks? One feature that makes Amazon way better than many other online retailers is the customer feedback system. Here are some of my favorite Amazon sections.

Amazon MP3: You can buy just about any song you want instantly for just a dollar or two.  The selection is incredible!

Audible: Oh my gosh, I love Audible. And I’m so glad that Amazon bought it several years ago. They are the worlds largest audio book retailer. You can instantly purchase audio books and listen to them on your phone or tablet or computer immediately. I listen to audio books on my phone while travelling and sometimes during my daily commute to and from work. It is so cool!

Amazon Electronics: The place to go for all your electronics needs! This is not cheap junk … this is name brand and high quality merchandise!

Amazon Instant Video: You can immediately stream just about any popular show that you can think of! It’s a great service!

Amazon Local: Have you heard of Amazon Local? It’s relatively new and you can save money right there in your own home town! Sort of like Groupon, but not as big. But give it time.

Amazon Top Rated Products: Just for fun, click here to see the current list of top rated products for sale on Amazon.

Have fun shopping!


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