Woodworking Template: Table Saw Push Sticks

This is a very simple template for push sticks. Push sticks are used to push stock through your table saw without getting your fingers and hands near the spinning blade. You can easily make push sticks out of scrap plywood that you have laying around the shop.

Here are my old push sticks that I’ve been using for years and years.  Far from ideal.  Neither has a good handle for me to hold onto.  And one is completely the wrong shape to hold down stock.  This is totally a safety issue.

01 - old sticks


And here are the proper push sticks I made recently.

02 - new sticks

03 - new sticks

And here is a link to the 8.5 by 11 template that you can download and print.  Just cut it out and lay it on some scrap plywood and trace out the outline.  Then cut it out using a band saw or jig saw and you’ve got yourself a nice new push stick!





14 thoughts on “Woodworking Template: Table Saw Push Sticks”

  1. you are really handy, I really do not think I can do that. the wonderful drawings. and finished unbelievable. you so know how to use your saw.

  2. I just got an antique table saw and want to safely use it.
    Thanks for the plans!

  3. My son Is very familiar with power tools, but just the other day, the table saw blade caught the edge of a plastic push stick. The shock wave through the stick hurt his arm joint all the way to the shoulder, ripped a flap of skin off the palm of his hand (requiring 7 stitches), and the push stick broke.
    I am getting rid of my composite push stick and making a couple of these.

    Thanks for the ready made template

  4. Hi Kurt, thanks for the example. Just made my fingers a bit safer again by following your design. Regards from the Netherlands.

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