Watch some of Kurt’s NASA speaking events

In recent years, I’ve been able to do a bit of public speaking for NASA.  Several of my talks or speaking events have been recorded and published online.  They are all different lengths.  They are all about different topics.  And they are all meant for different audience types and audience ages.

The list below should help organize the chaos and help you find the talk or presentation that’s right for you!

  • I chose curiosity! a TED style talk
    • 15 minutes long, published on 11/12/2020
    • Kurt talks about how choosing to embrace his curiosity at a young age helped to mold his character and turn him into who he is today.
    • Link:
    • Target Audience: NASA leaders, NASA employees, general public, this talk leans more towards adults though
    • Requestor: NASA Launching Leaders

If you’re interested in having me come speak to your club or organization or event, there are a couple ways that we can start a dialog.  You can either message me on my LinkedIn account, or you can email me directly from this website.

Thanks for your interest!  Please comment below if you found this information helpful!

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