Custom wall-mounted hurricane plywood storage rack

My stepdad is a professional welder. And one of the presents he gave me for Christmas 2004 was a heavy-duty custom wall-mounted plywood storage rack. It is deep enough to hold all of my hurricane plywood that I use to cover my windows. It’s a very nice design and I hope that some company out there will start selling these in your local home improvement store … at least in the Southeast US. 🙂

.01-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg .02-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg .03-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg

This is a placeholder for me to come back later and add detailed dimensions!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Custom wall-mounted hurricane plywood storage rack”

  1. Yes! That looks great.
    Q Do you build and ship to FL?
    Q. Do you sell plans?
    Q As shown, how many 3/3” sheet can that hold?

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