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Laundry folding countertop hinges open to reveal utility sink

Little by little we are making small home improvements to our new house.  Recently my lovely and talented wife came up with this amazing idea.  It’s a countertop for our laundry room that is primarily used to fold clothes fresh out of the dryer.  The most awesome and amazing part of her idea is that the countertop portion over the utility sink is hinged and folds up out of the way so we can use the sink.  I liked the idea so much that I immediately started designing and creating it.

Here is a photo of the final product.  The decorating ideas also came from my lovely and talented wife, by the way.  Click on any photo to view larger versions of it in my photo gallery.

I bought the countertop from my local home improvement store and cut it down to the correct size using my table saw.  This countertop looks like granite, but it is actually a pressboard or an MDF with a hard laminate on top.  Here is the final product from another angle.

And here is what it looks like with the sink countertop opened up.  I installed a chain and hook to hold the countertop up.

And below is some design detail of the hinged countertop.  It’s pretty hard to see since the green paint pretty much blends together and hides detail, but the hinge is actually mounted to a piece of plywood that was mounted directly to the studs in the back wall.  I cut out the drywall on the back wall and replaced the drywall with plywood that was about one eighth inch thinner than the drywall.  That way the hinge would be set into the wall a bit in order to hide the hinge when looking from above with the countertop down.

Aside from being held up in the back by the hinge, the hinged countertop is held up on the left by another piece of plywood that is mounted on top of the drywall and provides a ledge for the countertop to rest on when closed.  And on the right side, I created a bracket out of plywood and 2x4s that sticks out enough for the hinged countertop to rest on when closed.

Here is a better look at the plywood along the left side of the hinged countertop that it rests on when closed.  It’s just plywood mounted on top of the drywall.

And here is a better look at the bracket that I created to hold up the countertop next to the sink.  I notched the 2x4s so that the plywood would slide into them and hold firmly.  I glued and screwed the plywood into the notches from the back side and then mounted the whole thing to the wall.

And here is a reverse angle showing a close up of the bracket plus you can see how I used 2x4s under the other portions of the countertop to hold it up.  When installing something like this which is fairly heavy, it’s important to screw into wall studs.  Otherwise, the weight could pull the whole thing right off the wall.

That’s about all the detail that I can think of.  Add a comment below if you like this design or if you have any questions about details that I have left out.


Garage Lift for Toddler Swimming Pool

I did this weekend project a long long time ago, but just recently cleaned out my messy garage, got the Ranger back in and finally took some photos of the project.

I built a pool lift for the toddler swimming pool. This pool is too big to deflate and blow up every other day or even every other week, so we keep it inflated all the time. But we had no place to store it when it was fully inflated. So I built the pool lift.

It has pulleys and a block-and-tackle and you just tie the rope off at the wall anchors. I tried it without the b&t, and it was way too hard to lift. It’s light as a feather with the b&t, though. My wife gets the pool down all the time while I’m at work and puts it back up. When the kids outgrow the toddler pool I can think of all kinds of things that I can store up there.

One word of warning, though: the bottoms of your garage ceiling joists are not designed to hold the weight of heavy objects! Attic joists are designed to carry a heavy roof load only on the topmost spans. The lower spans are only designed for compression or tension.

Pool Lift - Lifted up over truck

Pool Lift - Reverse angle

Pool Lift - Lowered down from ceiling


Toybox and shelf/desk for kids

After not finding any kid furniture that we were completely happy with, I decided to design and create my own large rolling toybox and plastic-bin holding shelf that can turn into a desk as the kids grow up. If I can find some time, I might add some detailed plans for this project. But for now I’ll just post a couple of photos of the finished products.

.Kid bin shelf and kid desk in one Rolling toybox.

Leave a comment below or send me an email from the link at the very bottom of the website if you are interested in seeing some plans.


Mission style wall hanging mail holder

This was another case of seeing a product in a mail-order catalog and saying to myself, “I could make that, and it would cost me way less than 40 bucks!”

.01-mailholder.JPG .02-mailholder.JPG

I don’t really have a lot of details to talk about here. I saw this product, probably in an expensive Pottery Barn catalog or something. It was not a big deal to make. I just cut some boards to size, made rabbit joints and finish nailed them together. I put lots of coats of dark stain on it to get it as dark as I wanted it. I wish I would have made it about an inch wider, though. When we put magazines in it, they get rolled up at the bottom corner because the slot width gets skinnier at the bottom.

Custom wall-mounted hurricane plywood storage rack

My stepdad is a professional welder. And one of the presents he gave me for Christmas 2004 was a heavy-duty custom wall-mounted plywood storage rack. It is deep enough to hold all of my hurricane plywood that I use to cover my windows. It’s a very nice design and I hope that some company out there will start selling these in your local home improvement store … at least in the Southeast US. 🙂

.01-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg .02-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg .03-kurtshurricaneplywoodrack.jpg

This is a placeholder for me to come back later and add detailed dimensions!!!!!!!