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JCS wrap up

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Today we closed Jesus Christ Superstar at the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse.  It was a great run and it was pulled it off amazingly by a wonderful cast and crew.  It was a lot of work, but I’m glad I did it.

Here are some statistics on the run.

  •  Opened March 15th, closed March 31st (17 calendar days)
  • 15 total performances
  • 594 seats in theatre (8910 seats for the entire run)
  • 8763 seats sold during entire run
  • 149 seats unsold during entire run (an average of 9.93 unsold seats per performance)



Poll: What is your opinion of Jesus Christ Superstar (soundtrack, musical, movie)?

I grew up thinking that everyone loved Jesus Christ Superstar, just like my parents did. I never knew there was such a big controversy surrounding the musical. It seems like there is still quite a difference of opinion about the show, even 40 years later. People either love it or hate it, it seems.

To help satisfy my curiosity, and to help me understand how divided people really are about it, please take 5 seconds out of your busy day and answer this simple anonymous poll question:


image courtesy https://rodgersandhammersteincom.s3.amazonaws.com/modules/image/5859/338997/file_url.jpg

Now, whatever your answer to the poll question, you may want to come see the “best community theater in Florida” put on this musical during the final three weekends in March 2013. You can buy your tickets online at http://www.cocoavillageplayhouse.com/ or you can phone the box office at 321-636-5050.

Thank you for your time!